Co-op Ideas

If your co-op needs something new and exciting to do, check out our Products!. See our Co-op Usage Page for information on using our products in co-ops and classrooms. Email us and we can help you with ideas to make this work for your group.

Yahoo! Group

Join our Yahoo! Group, LiveAndLearnPress, to get helpful information, product discounts and product announcements. We offer support and encouragement, as well as sample Learn 'N Folder TM files to our loop members. Click here to learn more!

Video Assembly Guides at Squidoo

As homeschool moms, we are well aware that not everyone learns the same way. In order to help the visual learners out there, Live & Learn compiled Video Assembly Guides for all of our products at Squidoo.

Just go the site, scroll down to your product and click the link to be taken to a page with a video for the foundation and each of the minibooks used in the project. Apologia users have their own alphabetical page of minibook videos linked from the same page.

What's new @ L&LP

We are currently updating our website as well as our products to remove any dead website links and provide good alternatives for all of the projects within the units. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help.