About Us

Sharon Puryear and Debbie Jackson first met at a function of their local homeschool support group. Their oldest children, both sons, became fast friends and before long the boys were nearly inseparable. That was the initial reason for contact between Sharon and Debbie, but as they spent more time together, they found that they were more than just fellow homeschool moms. They had similar tastes and some of the same habits and mannerisms, so much so that they have been accused of being sisters by complete strangers -- a label they gladly accept. Sharon and Debbie are indeed sisters in Christ and kindred spirits who see a common vision for the homeschooling community in their area and beyond.

During the early years of their friendship, they served on the Advisory Board of their homeschool support group and attended regional meetings with other group leaders. It was at these gatherings that the two learned that the trials that they had been going through in their individual homeschools and in their support group were mirrored in the lives of the other women they met. It was then that the wheels began turning slowly and the seed of an idea was planted. Little did Sharon and Debbie know that God was going to finish the work that He had begun with that tiny seed... in a very big way!

.As the years progressed, they came to realize that their mission seemed to lie in a store where like-minded families could gather and exchange ideas and encouragement. They were excited and ready for the next step that God had planned for them. Sharon prayed a private prayer -- if God was serious about this business venture, He would give them a name. That same night, Debbie had a dream that the business was operational and named 'Live & Learn'. Not 'Live and Learn', but 'Live & Learn'. When Sharon and Debbie shared these bits of information, there was shouting to be heard! God, it seemed, had given them the name for the business, and the moms were in for the ride of their lives! Think about it... God had been so specific that they knew that there was to be an ampersand in the store name rather than the word 'and'.

Creative sessions abounded, with plans for future commercial ventures taking over the conversation at every turn. Eventually, Sharon and Debbie were gently coerced by their husbands and several friends into actually looking into starting the business. Debbie's brother was called upon to design the store logo, which also came via a dream. The logo pictures their children engaged in various activities: Bradley Jackson (computer sciences student), Ashley Jackson (biology student), Justin Puryear (high school student), Jordan Puryear (middle school student), and Joshua Puryear (elementary school student). The two little ones beneath the banner are Debbie's nephew and niece, Clayton and Aubrey Riggs (elementary school students). They are the reasons that Sharon and Debbie are so passionate about the cause of homeschooling.

The Live & Learn Press logo pictures the two moms themselves. The image began as a bit of a joke during their weekly meeting at the library, and later, in what was either a fit of silliness or a glimmer of divine inspiration, the logo was created. Both moms are pictured in the homeschool uniform... denim jumpers. Debbie, who is fond of more casual attire, is pictured in a t-shirt, white tennis shoes, and socks. Sharon, who is more comfortable in business-like clothing, is shown a dressy white blouse and dress shoes. They, like their children, are shown holding the banner with the company name across it. Unfortunately, in order for the banner to be level, Debbie (who is somewhat vertically challenged) had to stand on a stack of appropriately chosen books. They plan to have an actual photograph taken of the two of them in that pose -- it's just too good to pass up!

Debbie and Sharon would like to thank you for your support of the Live & Learn venture and they sincerely hope that their mission will be a blessing to you and your family. They would also like to thank their husbands, children, and extended families. They have dealt with an array of strange things during the time it took to get Live & Learn underway. They would also like to express their gratitude to the many friends who have offered them sage advice, given them their best wishes and constructive criticism, and listened to them as they talked their way into their current position. God is GOOD!!