As homeschooling moms, we're very aware of the cost of curriculum. We try to make our products as affordable as we possibly can, and we strive to work with our customers to best meet their needs. If, after reading our terms of use, you still have questions or concerns. please contact us. We are very willing to discuss the matter with you. If you have already purchased one of our products and would like to use it with a co-op or in a classroom setting, please contact us. We will be happy to invoice you for the proper license fee to allow you to do that

The issue of using Live & Learn products in co-op classes is one which we have struggled to address so that we are being fair to our customers and to ourselves. Our new co-op policy will cover all Live & Learn products sold, from this point forward. Electronic items (ebooks or cdroms) purchased prior to this policy were intended as single-family products or for use in very small co-ops. Printed materials have been, and will continue to be, considered consumable and therefore not to be used for more than one student.

  1. Purchase of the electronic versions of Live & Learn products (ebooks or CDRoms) entitles the purchaser to print as many copies of the product as needed for their immediate family.
  2. An additional annual fee of $15 per item will be charged for Live & Learn products which are purchased with the intent of using them for small co-ops of up to 12 children. This will grant the purchaser the right to make copies of the printable graphics for the children; the other material contained within the file is not to be copied for each parent of a co-op child.
  3. If you would like to purchase one of our products for classroom use (public or private) or a large co-op (more than 12 children), a one-time charge of $50 will grant you the right to make copies of the printable graphics for the children. Again, the other material contained in the file is not to be copied for each parent. The one-time charge allows the purchaser to use the product for her own classroom/co-op.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us. We view Live & Learn as our ministry, in addition to it being our careers. We work hard to bring our customers quality products at reasonable prices, and we want to be able to continue doing that. We believe that our co-op policy is fair and liberal, and we ask that you please respect it.