What is a Learn 'N Folder

Live & Learn Learn 'N Folders TM are the result of several years of research and development. Co-op project boards, based on bio-boards, were the beginning. The science fair project boards used for that class sparked an interest in a smaller 'board' which could serve a similar purpose. Learn 'N Folders TM were the answer. Learn 'N Folders TM are unit studies with spectacular end results. They contain many manipulative graphic organizers called minibooks. These take the place of answering the questions at the end of the chapters in text books. The foundation of Learn 'N Folders TM is typically regular file folders, but the minibooks may also be glued into notebooks if you prefer.

They are portable, kid-friendly, and suitable for just about every learning style. Browse through our online catalog of Learn 'N Folders TM... consider scheduling a workshop for your family and friends... get ready to catch Learn 'N Folder TM fever!

The grade levels we suggest for Learn 'N Folders TM are just that--suggestions! Feel free to adjust the lesson plans up or down to suit any grade level.

In some cases where the Learn 'N Folder TM requires that you print a page from a website, you will be instructed to go to that site to print so that we do not violate copyright laws. This will be true of all Learn 'N Folder formats.

A Comb-Bound Learn 'N Folder is a package that contains print-outs of all the books that go inside the folder; you cut out the books, fold them, and glue them in yourself using the assembly and lay-out guides provided. Comb-bound Learn 'N Folders TM are consumable products to be used to create one Learn 'N Folder. These files are not reproducible. Folders and various pockets will not be included.

CD-Rom Learn 'N Folders TM contain the .pdf file that we use to print Comb-Bound Learn 'N Folders TM. If you order a CD-ROM, you can print off as many copies of a Learn 'N Folder TM as you need for your family. You will need an updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at no charge at www.adobe.com See our Co-op Usage Page for information on using our products in co-ops and classrooms.

E-Books are the same file you would normally get on a cd-rom. In our case, our delivery system is automated so you will receive access instructions for the pdf file within minutes of your order. See our Co-op Usage Page for information on using our products in co-ops and classrooms. This program is available as a free download at www.adobe.com.