Payment Using Paypal
PayPal is the default shopping option for Live & Learn's website. Using this service, you can pay for your purchases using a credit card, an e-check, or money already in your PayPal account, or you can debit your bank account. It's free to sign up for Paypal, it's simple to use, and it allows us to ship your order as soon as it's placed.

1. When you're through shopping, click on the 'View Cart' icon on the left sidebar or the site.
2. Double-check to make sure you have added the correct items to your cart.
3. Once you've confirmed that you would like to purchase the items, click on 'Checkout'.
4. This will bring you to a page that tells you who the payment is being made to (Live & Learn), what the payment is for ('Shopping Cart'), what the subtotal is, and how much the shipping and handling charges are.

At this point, you can proceed one of two ways: you can log into Paypal and complete your payment if you already have an account there, or you can create a new account and pay by credit card.

Payment Using a Check or Money Order
While Paypal is easy to use and allows us to process your order faster, we understand that not everyone is comfortable using an online service to pay for merchandise. So, while we encourage you to use our online payment method, payment by check or money order is allowed.

#1--When you are finished shopping, email
#2--Type your name, email address, phone number and state of residence into the body of the email.
#3--Simply type in what you want to order. Please remember to be specific--if you need help finding the exact title of the product you want to order, put it in the PayPal cart and then view the cart to see what you need to tell us.

When we receive your e-mail, we will confirm your order, calculate the shipping and handling costs, and e-mail you back with the total and the address of where to send your payment. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.