It's so encouraging to hear how Live & Learn is helping homeschool families learn in new and exciting ways. We'd like to hear about how your Learn 'N Folder TM or other Live & Learn product went over in your homeschool!

Here are some of the things people have already said about Live & Learn!

"They have learned so much with this approach...the little "activities" inside each folder are perfect size...they learn the information in little "chunks", not too much at once."
My kids really enjoyed their folders, and I enjoyed them, too. I was awestruck as I watched (and listened) to them both answer questions from adults about the election process...MY KIDS were explaining the electoral vote process to adults who knew nothing about it. This information will stay with my kids forever. The kids and I were laughing SO LOUD at the library I thought we might get kicked out...we were looking at some political bumper stickers. The web links for the folder were great...thanks for that extra! Thank you so much for your hard work on these learn 'n' folders...they are nothing less than FANTASTIC!"
"...I ordered the Birds and the Human Body Live and Learn folders. I LOVE them!!!"
"Thank you so much for your services. This has been a blessing to me because I know my kids can enjoy lapbooking, but won't get frustrated with a lot of the extra "work" involved."
"Your business has been a blessing because I know my kids are really going to enjoy AND learn alot from these folders. AND I believe from looking at the ones I have now, they are going to help my son retain information he has learned."
My six year old son and I are working the Human Body Folder and he really likes it!!! This folder has sparked a passion for learning in him that was not there before. And, he is actually learning without the “boring stuff” as he says! Thanks a lot for making our homeschool day less stressful.
I am impressed with this learning system! What a fun, multi-sensory way to learn. As a teacher for 10 years and now a homeschooling mom, I appreciate your hard work and the creativity in the Learn ‘N Folders.
I am writing to let you know how much we are enjoying your Study-A-State program. I have 2 girls 11 and 13, we have been homeschooling for 8 years and our homeschooling was getting kind of dry until I found your wonderful product at the Gainesville convention. God has a wonderful way of blessing a burned out mom
Hooray! It arrived! Very nice! I’m impressed. I think we’ll have a wonderful time with this one and look forward to purchasing another one from you soon.
I would just like to tell the both of you how much I enjoyed your workshop at the GIFTSNC workshop. My boys loved the book I made in your class and are very excited to fill it in. I have a feeling we will be using this often. Thanks again.
We enjoyed having you guys both as speakers and vendors. I’m going through the participant’s evaluation forms now and find that overall we are getting very positive responses.
Our homeschool group had a project night Friday night. A lot of the children did display boards and talks but since we had not really prepared for that I asked if they could just show off their lapbooks they had just finished. We completed our Hurricane one that we purchased from Live & Learn Press. The boys really got a kick out of it when people ask about their study. Many of the parents seemed impressed with how much information they can learn and remember using this type of format. What a great way to start using lapbooks for school.
I cannot wait to share these all with my school and homeschool groups. You have to know how awesome these are. Your hard work is so appreciated and I just know people are gonna be very interested.

Thank you so much for your support!