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Live & Learn & Plan
As homeschool moms who love to plan, the Live & Learn Ladies could not find a planner that suited their needs. Since we had to change things and modify pages and make additions to anything we bought, we decided to just make our own. It evolved over several years and ended up being perfect for our needs. Our planner includes 40 weeks worth of double-page spread lesson plan pages, reading lists, record of curriculum, borrowing & lending record, curriculum planning pages, pages for recording daily grades or attendance, assessment pages, and high school planning & transcript pages.
Ebook, single family: $10.00
CD-Rom, single family: $10.00
What people are saying our "Live & Learn & Plan:"
"Live & Learn's planner became my favorite planner several years ago. I had used other planners and methods previously to using L&L's, but since first purchasing an L&L planner, I have not even looked at another planner or method. This planner has all I need for writing and recording lesson plans and progress throughout the year. The lesson plan pages themselves have large blocks to hold detailed lessons, along with sidebar blocks for notes, books needed, etc. Among the extra pages in the back, my favorites are the reading list pages, and the pages for recording daily grades. Thanks, L&L, for creating a planner that works for me and my family."